Too wierd to live... too rare to die. (vashiesstampede) wrote,
Too wierd to live... too rare to die.

Ju suc ra ra ohh..

BAH. Well then, glad I deleted that last entry. In case you were wondering all it says is that Zach broke up with me. I hate those fucking liberals. What's worse is he got every single opinion he owned from what his deranged mother had had told him, "But my mom said that affirmative action is great..." blah blah blah, SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU COCK SUCKING PUSSY!"

My loins burn for Richard Prado. In fact, they have been for some time now. I was just waiting to be in a better place with said person before breaking it off with Zach. I don't think I miss being with Zach so much as I hate being broken up with. Honestly. It's a real blow to you pride. ¬¬;;

Man. It rocks being a Catholic, because we've got a fucking hott ass messiah. *humps Jesus*
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