Too wierd to live... too rare to die. (vashiesstampede) wrote,
Too wierd to live... too rare to die.

I am here in the balcony.

Well, it's beeen a while, and I don't really feel like updating this shit, but I felt guilty. Despite the fact no one reads this. Ever. o______o

Things are going so great with Richard I could scream (sometimes I do). I want him to come with me to see Metallica in November in SA, but he's being fussy about it. WHATTA FUSSY BABY.

I finally got to playing guitar, and I'm serious about it this time. I know the intro to THREE, count 'em THREE Metallica songs. And a couple chords, and that scale thing. I can't spell it. >< Richard's teaching me, and happiness is mine. I want to get better and save my money for a BC RIch Beast, because those are sexy.

Something was gonna happen. FUCK, I forgot. Oh yeah, I'm seeing Anchorman with Walter the brother tonight. Zounds!
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