Too wierd to live... too rare to die. (vashiesstampede) wrote,
Too wierd to live... too rare to die.


Guess who's going to New York, bitches. Me. That's who. Next Friday I'm driving up to Houston to catch the 5:00 AM (Yes, AM) flight to Atlanta, where we make the connection to New York Citay. Fun, no?

We're gonna see three broadway shows, take a tuor of NBC studios and the Apollo Theatre, visit the St. Patricks Cathedral [FUCK YES, CATHOLIC POWAH], and do some other fun shit. I can't wait.X)

Anyway, I'm also ridiculously happy because I started talking to Richard on the phone. *snugs him to death* I loff him so much.

Ooh, today I had a belly-dancing show. It was fun fun fun... but the guys in the audience looked like a bunch of creeps. >.<

That's enough nonsense for now.
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