Too wierd to live... too rare to die. (vashiesstampede) wrote,
Too wierd to live... too rare to die.

A day in the life.

Ho hum. My first "real" entry. Let's make this interesting, shall we? Oh wait, that's fucking impossible; I WAS IN I.S.S. ALL DAY. Yessir, you'd better believe it. Something about too many tardies, but honestly now, who's really keeping count? >>

So then, there isn't much to say about my day, unless a reader would be fascinated by my having to hold my bladder for eight hours straight. But I'm trusting no one would be.

Hey! I got an idea! I'll talk about my past weekend! Well, it should be evident from my name that I am, in fact, an anime geek kind of person. So, I went with some other anime geek kind of people up to good ol' Austin for the Ushicon convention. That was my first "con" and Jesus Christ, it was fun. People were dressed up as anime charries (I guess this is "cosplay" XD) and I got pictures of all the good ones. Three Vashes, six Wolfwoods, two Sephiroths and then some others. Those are my favourites anyhow. I met and got to talk to Vash's voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch in the J-Pop room, of all places. I took a piccie with him, got his autograph, and my Vash plushie got a kiss form him.

Aw! Vashy-washy-washy! Aren't you just the cutest little thing! *snugs plush to death*
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